Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Snowboarding's Dead, NC Killed it!

Alex Andrews stopped off in my neck of the woods to film the snowboarding scene around Boone and Banner Elk. Since the late 1960s, North Carolinas ski resorts have been filled with rippers who are willing to ride fake snow, little snow, icy crust, and wonderful (well…) snow. Beech Mountain is located near the former site of The Land of Oz, a theme park that closed in 1980. The Oz fantasy novels by Baum describe a world "protected from civilization by natural barriers" and that there were numerous pockets throughout the land of Oz cut off from the main culture. Yes, yes we are and gladly so.

North Carolina swirls with strange winds and breath-taking scenic views, all-the-while lulling you to its enchanted forests that might as well harbor gnomes and fairies. There is magic here. Riding here is the reason why I ride. Not because I want to go to the best place, or ride the sickest park, or hang with the pros. I want to ride here, then go hang out by the fire.

Take a glimpse of your next ride and shred NC.

Thanks Alex, view it here --------->>>>>>>Snowboarding is Dead