Thursday, June 28, 2012

Plants, mon

Greenroom Voice, a really great website for researching environmentally-friendly products, just posted an interesting article discussing biomimicry in fashion called Nature and Biomimicry. I've always thought this would be an interesting topic for manufacturing alternatives. The natural world has been working pretty hard over the past millions of years to perfect "products" and "processes".  Most of these products are the result of an evolutionary advantage for warding off predators, eliminating a waste or biochemical byproduct creation, or attracting a mate. Pharmaceutical companies look to nature to create synthetic derivatives of drugs, but way before modern medicine herbs, plants, and some animal excretions were used to treat illness. Industry designers look for aerodynamic shapes and mobility in birds and sea animals for construction. Plant products are amazing for saps and strength and even combustion byproducts can be recycled and turned into glass. Man has gotten pretty good at creating and ripping off nature. Let's not forget why natural materials and alternatives are so good at what they do.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Topographic Expressions

Phase two of Forever Shred.

Check out my new page "topographic expressions". I hope I can post separate ramblings on my new tab. This is all a big experiment, so bear with me..

This is the time of the year when snowboarders transition into something else to take our minds off of yearning to be on the mountain. I guess if you are lucky enough to follow the snow then you are, well lucky. The rest of us are stuck at home dreaming of powder. Some surf, some skate, some bike, some do get the point.

Production lines don't stop. People are still creating new product and looking for new ideas. I'll still write about what the snowboard industry is doing in terms of sustainability year-round. Never fear, right?!

My sweet, sweet Jackson.